Cyber Monday 2011 Deals?

by Erik Baeumlisberger 2011-11-28

Despite my aforementioned Black Friday Walmart debacle, I’m still (sort of) interested in what deals and steals e-tailors will fill my email inbox, Google+ stream and Twitter timeline with tomorrow.

Recent data from comScore shows year-over-year Cyber Monday growth, but given this year’s Black Friday deals, will Cyber Monday 2011 top $1.1B?

As of right meow (11pm-ish) the only Cyber Monday deal I’ve received today is from a credit card company.

Citibank Cyber Monday 2011

Weaksauce, marketers. Weak. Sauce. Where are the midnight Cyber Monday deals? I’m sure there are (more than) a few but why am I not putting on a pot of coffee right now and loading up seventeen Chrome tabs with product pages from

ATTENTION BUY.COM. YOUR HOME PAGE STILL SAYS BLACK FRIDAY. home page, 1-hr before the start of Cyber Monday



3 thoughts on “Cyber Monday 2011 Deals?

  1. Whereas your inbox was empty in anticipation of Cyber Monday, mine was inundated with promises of deals from Amazon, Best Buy,, eCost, Kmart, Borders, Home Depot, Toys “R” Us, Babies “R” Us, CircuitCity and CompUSA. The latter two being owned by Tiger Direct, who I’ll applaud for at least marketing different products in the emails for each company. All of that being said, it was nothing but garbage, a shadow when compared to the door-buster deals advertised for the early-birds on Friday… which, might I add, I was able to purchase from those sites in the comfort of my home. In my underwear. All from the Internet beginning at 10 pm on Thanksgiving. And then my pants fell down!

    • Thanks for your reply. Did you happen to notice the time those emails were sent? I too receieved the TigerDirect and CompUSA emails, but not until 6:24AM. Would you have been more likely to purchase if 1) the deals were better and 2) the emails arrived sooner?

      • I definitely would have been more likely to purchase if the deals were better. I unfortunately deleted all the emails, so don’t have them to reference for arrival times. But those would need to have been sent Sunday day/night the latest to be effective. Not sure what they were waiting for, but at 6:24 AM I’ve already been woken by the baby, she’s been fed, coffee is made, and I’m about to jump in the shower. Any shopping would have been done between midnight and 4 AM. After that, it’s work, work, work…

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