Forget Everything and Remember

by Erik Baeumlisberger 2011-12-01

I’m inspired to write this AM by the Do Less post by Markus Urban. How ironic that a post about doing less makes me want to do more.

In the post, Markus recalls sitting on the couch and doing nothing; an effort to become more present. While I typically don’t endulge in quiet introspection, believe in meditation or practice transcendetalism, I know there is value in all three. I’m just stubborn.

While sitting on his couch, Markus noticed a large bird, soaring high and flying into the wind.

This struck me for two reason:

  • The bird was doing what it does best.
  • Flying into the wind is part of all our lives.

So why, so often, do we ignore our core competencies? Why do we try to do more?

While personal and professional growth is important for a multitude of reasons, I think there’s a point where we stop getting great at things and simply become good at things. As long as we’re cognizant of that, we can focus on positive, meaningful contributions by shifting focus to what we’re best at.


One thought on “Forget Everything and Remember

  1. […] With all the talk of search entities, structured data and schema flying around, my immediate reaction was my usual: forget everything and remember. […]

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