Siri and Yelp: Together Forever?

by Erik Baeumlisberger 2011-12-06

It seems that Siri is pulling from Yelp to serve users local recommendations. This comes as no surprise since Yelp has both postitive and negative spam filters.

The video above explains a bit more about Yelp’s positive and negative spam filtering (fast forward to 2:20) which relies heavily established user profiles being more trustworthy.

The obvious choice for local reviews, in my opinion, would be Google Places. Note that Apple thinks otherwise. Is this evifdence of thermonuclear war? Answer: Yes.

I’ll be writing more about Siri’s threat to Google in the coming months. Right now, I feel the newness of Siri has to wear off and Siri needs to learn from us as much as we need to learn from it.


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