6 Things You Must Do in 2012 with Social Media: Takeaways from Jennifer Cario’s Market Motive Webinar

by Erik Baeumlisberger 2011-12-11

SEO Training from Market Motive

One of the things I selfishly use social media for is to archive notes, images (check my tumblr collection of seo infographics) and videos from presentations, conferences or webninars I might attend.

Today I attended 6 Things You Must Do in 2012 with Social Media presented by social media maven Jennifer Cario.

Here, for the world to enjoy, are my takeaways from the presentation.

6 Things You Must Do in 2012 with Social Media

  1. Get buy-in from all client teams. HR, Sales, Customer Care, C-suite … all of ’em. Everyone needs to be told how social will make their jobs easier and their days brighter.
  2. Day-part your engagements. B2B engagements happen during the week. B2C? During the weekends. Analyze when your audience engages with you and time your messages to suit.
  3. Tie social media efforts to business goals. Using engagement metrics is nice, but the real value is in knowing how engagement metrics drive sales.
  4. Improve your images. Visual bookmarking is the new social bookmarking. Pinterest is the new Delicious. The new Twitter supports inline viewing of images and video. Take greater care of what you post, visually.
  5. Merge the offline / online worlds. Look for ways to enhance the in-store experience by augmenting store displays, menus and signage with QR codes. Create special offers for Facebook check-ins at events.
  6. Stop chasing new social media sites. Define your business goals and select sites that help you achieve them. The newest is not always the greatest.

If anyone has anything to add / share, hit me up on Twitter or leave a comment.


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