What Does SEO Stand For?

The header image / tagline at Linkdex suggests the following:

SEO = Seize Every Opportunity

I couldn’t agree more.  As the years have passed, I often think to myself how my job has changed. 5-years ago, all SEO meant to me was links. 3-years ago it meant content and links. Today, SEO means Internet Business Development.

As the new Linkdex acronym suggests, SEO has more to do with expanding upon and generating new income streams than the minutia we often associate with traditional SEO (linkbuilding and copy optimization come to mind).

Our clients rely on us to be not only the resource for search engine optimization consulting and service, but also their liaison for all things Internet. Even the biggest client I work on (Fortune 500 / 1000, I forget which) doesn’t have an Internet Business Consultant on staff or retained on contract. We’re it.

Because the Internet is a moving target, Internet Business Development is a moving target. The most successful among us will pull from experience and trust our vision to seize every opportunity for our clients.



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