What effect will iOS6 have on Twitter?

With yesterday’s WWDC announcement of iOS6 came news of tighter Facebook and Twitter integration into Apple’s newest version of their mobile operating system.

Early reports from testers and news outlets like the next web conject that the release of iOS6 will once and for all define and separate the roles of Facebook and Twitter as communication channels.

As an axiom of regularity, more people will accept being told what to do rather than challenge the status quo.

iOS adoption rates will continue to grow and so will the numbers of first time users; even though Twitter is old to us it’s new to every kid who gets “the cool phone” for Christmas and every nuevo riche member of Apple’s ever expanding International audience.

For many, iOS6 will be either their first exposure to Twitter or their first exposure to Twitter in a meaningful way, as tweetable content in the form of pictures, locations and interesting status updates will be more available on their phone that it ever was on their desktop PC. But in reality, that’s all the stuff that they would normally share to Facebook. Now that Facebook is tightly integrated into iOS6, will the increased exposure and ease of use of Twitter in iOS6 be enough to offset Facebook integration?

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