To brand or rebrand? That is the question.

My co-worker Kelly recently attended an iStock branding webinar and shared her notes with the team.

There were elements of the webinar that intrigued me enough to seek out the video below and to share a few of her bullet points.



Kelly’s bullet points appear quoted below. My responses appear after each.

“Do NOT start by creating a website; perfect your strategy and THEN create the website”

I see this happen all the time. Entrepreneurs think building a website is the first step towards building a business. Then once the website is built, suddenly they are a business. Not true!

“So, whatever you tell your clients to do, your site must do exceptionally well and it must demonstrate the effects of doing it well.”

This made me think of a client that has five different options for fitment and how they NEED to have videos demonstrating each option before they expect the general public to request one at all.

“Don’t try to make your business more sensational than it is. Instead, be truthful.

I like this because it’s defensible. We shouldn’t pose as experts. We should ask to partner with experts so we can learn and serve.

“Juggling multiple brands is seldom effective

Here’s an extension of the above. People do business with people and not brands, companies, industries or websites. The most important brand is your personal brand – who you are, what you can do and why you’re the only person that can do it. The company name, tag line or web address is inconsequential by comparison.

So the question remains … to brand or rebrand? When hard times befall your company or when industry changes make you feel outmoded, chances are your brand isn’t responsible. The webinar mentions a couple valid reasons for rebranding (such as a merger or outgrowing of your business) so make sure you’re just not out of ideas before you take this pivotal step. 


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