Writing Samples

I really enjoy writing. Because of this, I would like to make myself available for freelance or contract writing gigs, specifically in the digital marketing space. Below are a few examples of blog posts that I’ve written for this blog and for my employers.

How to sell SEO with a paid, earned and owned media strategy

Although the concept of paid, earned and owned media isn’t new, the use of it to craft SEO proposals might be new to you. Neither paid, earned or owned is an island. All three should be implemented concurrently with as much cross channel pollination as your production environment will allow for.

Basic SEO tips: use Google Authorship to increase authority of your content.

By tracking authors’ contributions across the web and analyzing data such as backlinks pointing to those articles and social signals created by authors’ content, Google can make decisions about how important or how relevant content written by an author is.

Discover which Google+ Local changes can impact your Google Places listing.

Google+ is becoming more and more important to businesses, as Google continues to merge the management of the services it offers under the Google+ umbrella.

Buzz marketing building blocks – learn the importance of buzz in marketing.

Buzz marketing is about the remarkable. No matter how clever the message in your online marketing strategies or how wide the audience, the content underlying the status update, tweet, post, article, poll, survey, contest, quiz or link must be extraordinary.

SEO for blogs: 3 blog optimization tips that focus on social media

Popular media hosting services such YouTube, Flickr and SlideShare provide sharing code that can be used to embed video into your blog posts. This technique not only makes your blog posts richer, it helps to increase the awareness and visibility of your other uploads on these networks. Be sure to include links back to your blog in your video, image and slideshow descriptions.

SEO for blogs: 5 technical features you need now to increase blog traffic

To support the SEO of your main site, avoid the use of a third-party blog hosting service or the use of a subdomain URL (blog.domain.com). You’ll want the targeted traffic your blog generates to be attributed to the domain of your main website.

Discover how to use Pinterest and how to quickly set up Pinterest boards.

Learning how to use Pinterest is similar to learning how to use a real world pin board where you use thumb tacks to pin magazine clippings, newspaper articles or photos that interest you to a cork board. The Pinterest website and mobile app allow you to pin online content to an online pin board that you can access from home, work or on your iOS device via the Pinterest app.

Wondering: what is Instagram? Here’s how to use Instagram for business.

Because Instagram is so simple and because, according to 3M, images are processed by the brain 60,000 times faster than text, Instagram appeals to anyone who’s ever shared or liked a photo on the web.Other than ease of use, faster data intake and a more favorable signal to noise ratio, Instagram has another important advantage: it is primarily a mobile app. This means your customers can browse their feeds and interact with you from anywhere in a way that takes less time (remember, visuals are processed faster than text).

Social online networking: what role does it play in online rankings and how?

A good strategy for generating social signals is to make your messages conversational and commit to participating in the conversation. Reward participants with positive affirmation. Pay forward any shares by sharing the content of those that shared yours. Acknowledge the work of others and thank them for their contributions.

Timeline for Facebook: read our biz guide to the new Timeline on Facebook.

A drawback to the previous Facebook format was that evergreen or top posts useful to fans could be quickly pushed down by newer posts. The new Timeline on Facebook allows brands to pin a post to the top of the page, so their fans see it first.

Websites Go on Strike in Protest of SOPA / PIPA

At the heart of each act is legislation that shifts the burden of enforcing copyright law to individual website owners. SOPA, specifically, would allow the U.S Department of Justice and copyright holders to seek court orders against any website accused of copyright infringement.

VSEO: find valuable YouTube SEO tips for video optimization that really work.

YouTube ranking factors include relevancy of text-based content included in the headline, tags and description fields, the number of video views, the number of positive ratings a video receives and the recency of upload.

Basic SEO tips guide: boost leads and sales with a customer feedback survey.

A customer feedback survey can quickly answer the question, “What do my customers want to see on my website?” and give you a competitive edge over others in your space that may be relying on guesswork and over relying on keyphrase research to drive their SEO content strategy

Social media in business: using social networking for business to find influencers.

Because people are spending more and more time on Facebook, marketers have changed their focus, spending an increasing amount of time using social media in business as a tool to connect with potential customers. Marketers have also learned that influencers facilitate connections between brand and customer.

SEO tips for holiday shopping: maximize your online Black Friday sales today.

If your website sells products online, then you know how important the early autumn months are. Getting the right mix of Black Friday deals online and SEO strategies to back them up is key. Last month we looked at Christmas holiday shopping tips to boost sales. This month, we’re sharing these tips for holiday shopping sites that can help ensure both maximum visibility in the search engines and maximum conversions on your website.

Prepare for Christmas holiday shopping: turbocharge your retail website SEO.

Make a list of hot products for this season and make a plan to have them in-stock. Also, consider sourcing unique or unusual products that your competition doesn’t have. This can help you stand out in the crowd. Increase content production (blog posts / articles) around these products now to give the search engines time to index.

Buying a domain name can be risky; discover how to get a domain name safely.

Let’s start at the beginning by answering the question what is a domain name? Even if you already have one, you might not really understand what it is. A domain is a nickname for a numerical computer address. Instead of saying visit The Search Guru website at we say visit The Search Guru website at http://www.TheSearchGuru.com. Domain Name Servers (DNS) make our lives easier by doing the heavy lifting here, as they are the ones responsible for translating the easy to remember words into hard to remember numbers.

Content Marketing 101: 5 things every website owner needs to know now

While content can be syndicated and otherwise re-published online for SEO purposes, concerns within the industry have significantly diminished the importance of article marketing. These concerns have changed the way website owners think about what new content to add to their sites, where to add it and why they should be adding it in the first place.

Social media is not the same as social business

We often see companies create their own social media profiles, only to abandon them a few short months later. At the beginning, company executives and staff are very excited about the prospect of creating and maintaining social profiles. The task to create and market these profiles is usually given to the person in the organization with the highest (personal) social acumen. What businesses quickly figure out is that managing social interactions on a personal level is far different from sourcing sales and leads via social media (Social Business).

Conversion optimization: why being #1 in the search engines doesn’t matter

Here’s why being #1 in the search engines doesn’t matter. The most important traffic is not the traffic that you think you might get when you’re #1, it’s the traffic you already have. Your current visitors may be longtime customers. They may be referrals from trusted friends or business partners. They may be people who dug through 5 pages of search results and clicked through to 20 or more websites looking for the one that “gets it right”. Conversion Optimization is the process by which Internet Marketers “get it right”. It’s the thoughtful combination of message, image, content and call-to-action that creates the potential to convert every site visitor into a customer.